Growing beautiful plants

Weeks 1-3 the energy is changing fast.

The cute cotyledons, are augmented by three finger leaves.

Cannabis Sativa is beautiful to look at, has an extrodinary energy and amazing healing powers. Honoured as sacred for over 6,000 years she has much to teach us, if we can find right relationship with her.

Almost all "CBD" on the market today is made using a CBD (Cannabidoil) extract that is created in China, or Eastern Europe in industrial conditions, and bought for the lowest possible cost. This allows unscrouplous manufacturers to increase the CBD content in their chosen carrier oil & charge huge prices. This tactic is based not on science but greed. A while spent reading scientific data on pubmed where over 10,000 studies are available will demonstrate this.

This is why the industry focuses on one out of almost 1,000 active compounds in the plant- CBD.

We take a different approach, growing the plants ourselves outside, without chemical addatives, on clean, organic land and honouring the spirit of the plant, with weekly ceremony. After 108 days, we then harvest and fresh tinture the top 5% of most beautiful plants, giving thanks.

The only other growers offering anywhere near as much intention are the Sacred Sister Nuns of California.Undoubtedly they make beautiful extracts, but unlike us, they do not use sound frequencies, for chakra toning to target different chakras and help with specific issues. 

We planted by hand over 3 consecutive days chosen to optimise lunar influences, offering the plants ceremony each week, entraining 108 minutes of beautiful frequencies with intention for healing, in 3 sacred spaces surrounded by handmade hemp prayer flags.

Every week I look forward to seeing how much the plants have grown. Weeks 4-6, the plants growing fast now. More complex five fingered leaves start to appear.

We only make whole plant tinctures, where the entourage effect of the whole plant information is available. This is proven to be fundamental by Dr.Ethan Russo and Dr. Geoffrey Guy, in their excellent 2005 study, report that the phytocannabinoids work synergistically (the “entourage effect”) to provide balanced and nontoxic medicinal effects when compared with single molecule anti-inflammatories (Russo and Guy, 2005).

Russo, Ethan, and Geoffrey W. Guy. “A tale of two cannabinoids: the therapeutic rationale for combining tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol.” Medical hypotheses 66.2 (2006): 234-246.

After just 62 days the most vital plants are taller than me !

How many "fingers" does a hemp leaf have???

Our Heart space

Thriving despite the drought !


We are so grateful that this summer’s crop has been more beautiful than ever. Despite the drought and without the need for pesticide, fertiliser or even watering. English Hemp co create with the only organically & biodynamically grown outdoor hemp for CBD  in the world (as far as we know).

On midsummer the whole day was spent in ceremony with the plants starting with 108 minutes of OM at dawn, fire ceremony at midday and vortexing fine ground silica, sprayed to create rainbows, giving thanks.

We harvested after 108 days, again on 3 consecutive days, removing all external distractions, to allow the space for full healing intention. We cut each plant by hand, choosing only the most beautiful, using handmade tools. Then we toned the organic British spirits, vortexing by hand for 108 minutes to structure the liquid drawing in scalar energy, augmented by layered isotonic tones and chakra frequencies before adding the beautiful hemp.