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We have had a difficult summer at English Hemp. 4 leading online payment processors suspended our account, one claimed CBD was "like guns", another that it was a snake oil psudo pharma product, the third that it was a recreational drug, all of them are happy to service larger high street chains selling inferior CBD products. Then our entire stock was stolen and our field was vandalised. We are not alone in facing these problems as many other small hemp companies have received similar treatment.


However, driven by the knowledge that we are helping so many people we have carried on undaunted. Our harvest at the start of sepetember was a spectacular sucess, and could not have been more beautiful.


We make natural plant tinctures from probably the most healing plant available whose medicinal uses go back at least 6,000 years, using traditional methods, proven over millenia.




So, we can only accept payment by bank transfer (perhaps via app) and bitcoin.


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The cost is £36.00 including postage per 10ml bottle, or £108 for 3

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